Deja View Farm and Vineyard

The small farm with a vision.




Although we are not certified organic, we only utilize materials that are approved by OMRI. 


After ten years of raising chickens and sheep, we have decided to focus on fruit and vegatable production.



Deja view is a small family farm on the outskirts of Santa Cruz in the fertile growing region of Corralitos, California. We are dedicated to growing quality produce with sustainable practices. We strive to conserve the biodiversity and the natural resources of our farm by use of cover crops and minimal tillage. Maintaining existing habitats on the property such as native grassland, grassed waterways and woodland perimeters go hand in hand with the success of our vegetables, herbs and fruits that we produce using natural methods.

Our practices create habitat for natural predators. This practice helps to keep the insect and rodent population low without the use of pesticides or herbicides that are harmful to all species. We keep the pollination up and the damaging insects and rodents down buy providing natural predators homes on the farm such as bee boxes, bat boxes and owl boxes. We have hedgerows of native trees and shrubs as part of maintaining the balance of nature. These natural resources give many reptiles, birds and beneficial insects habitat and protection.


We also utilize compost and worm castings to produce vigorous plants and flavorful produce. 


This year Farmer David constructed a greenhouse that we will be able to use to provide specialty produce for culinary needs. Please let us know what we might grow for you.





You can reach us at,

or call us at (831) 763-2001.


Thank You,

David & Natalain Schwartz